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A Gorgeous, Eccentric, Mind-stretcher of a Book.

Appropriately, Darwin's Super-pooping Worm Spectacular, shows the rapid evolution of non-fiction books for children, from the staid, simplified reference texts of the past, to the lively, engaging, well-written books which lucky children encounter now.

The research has not been sacrificed in the creation of this engaging book which considers Darwin's research into earthworms and the implications it has had on our understanding of ecosystems.

It is impressive that the writers have been able to offer a thorough account of experimental methods in a succinct and engaging way. The focus on careful observation and the challenging of assumptions is very impressive.

There is humour too and, above all, a depth of love for the subject which draws readers in to discover the things which fascinated Darwin. Children may choose this book because there is a mention of poo in the title but will discover that worm poo is much more than a reason for giggling.

A gorgeous, eccentric, mind-stretcher of a book.

Jaki Brien